Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms 

There are several symptoms relating to type 2 diabetes.

The symptoms of Type 2 diabetes often build up slowly. In actual fact, one can have Type 2 diabetes for long years, and simply don’t know about it. Some common symptoms which you can look for are:

  • If you are passing more urine than usual
  • If you feel extremely thirsty
  • If you always feel hungry
  • If you feel tired and sluggish
  • If you feel unnecessary itching and skin infections
  • If your cuts or wound heals slowly
  • If you are putting on excess weight
  • If you are having blurred vision
  • If you suffer from headaches
  • If you have constant mood swings
  • If you feel dizzy
  • If you have leg cramps

d60_300x250_x05 (1)doctorExcess thirst and increased urination: Surplus glucose building up in the bloodstream, results in the required fluid of the body, to be sucked from the muscle tissues, and it might increase your thirst. As a result, you’ll drink as well as pass urine quite often.

Excess hunger: When insulin is inefficient to move glucose enter the body cells, the muscles as well as organs are worn-out of energy, which in turn intensifies excess hunger.

Blurred vision: In case your blood glucose (sugar) level is way too high, the required fluid of the body might be sucked from your eye lenses. And it might affect the ability of your eyes to focus.

Weariness: In case your body cells are not getting enough of glucose (the main source of energy), then you might frequently feel tired and ill-tempered.

Frequent infections/Slow healing of wounds: Type 2 diabetes affects a patient’s ability to quickly heal wounds as well as resist infections.

Darkened skin areas: Some patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes develop dark skin patches in their body folds as well as creases (typically in the neck and armpits). Such conditions (known as Acanthosis Nigricans) might be a symptom of insulin resistance (IR).

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