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Ever told a blonde joke? How about a racist joke?

Ever told a blonde joke? How about a racist joke? How about ever used a racial epithet in anger? Ever made a stereotype or generalization about a particular group of people based upon what you "know"? Many people only consider the overt forms of racism as racism; they think the hate groups are the only ones who are racist or bad. But what about those people that aren't overtly racist but instead are covert about their racism? These are just a few ideas of how people can be racist without even knowing it.

First of all, when dealing with someone of a different race do you feel uncomfortable or like things just aren't "right" with them? Do you have to watch what you say because you are worried about offending them with your normal language? Are all your friends of the same race? Do you fear people that are different than yourself?

Those are just a few questions you can ask yourself to decide if you are racist or rather that you have issues with people that aren't like you. You probably don't mean to be racist, but often times there external influences that can cause you to have these attitudes. For instance my mother was born in the south in the 1940?s and my father was born in Idaho in the 1950?s. Although they lived through the Civil Rights movement they we're still poisoned with their parent's racial rhetoric. I can remember my parents using racial epithets and to this day they play in my head. My goal is to eradicate those thoughts and words from my vocabulary so that I not only won't pass them on to others but also to my children. We have it in us to stop the hate; it just takes education and work.

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We often guard against the overt forms of racism or rather we find it abhorrent, however why are those that are in the minority still the target of bigotry and hate as evidenced by the recent Arizona law. According to several polls taken about the law many Americans favor this obviously prejudicial law. The governor of Arizona added the verbiage that police can't stop an individual solely based on the potential of undocumented immigration status, however the current justice system is already prejudicial against minorities, and this just gives them a legal excuse to stop them for some other "purpose". No amount of additional language is going to change what this law does and that it creates a legal covert system of racism. There can be nothing gained by having this law implemented.

I am in no way advocating for those that break the law, but two points have to be made first of all there is a difference between those who traverse the border to obtain a better life and simply exist here and those who come here for nefarious means.

Second of all the current approach to the problem isn't working, more laws cracking down aren't going to fix it. Currently there are 18 million undocumented workers in the US, ICE only arrests around 2,000 a month, most of which return to the US shortly after being deported. At that rate it will take 750 years to deport them all and that's if they are able to stop them from coming across the border again and in the first place. The money that is being used on these efforts could be spent on an alternative solution that might have a chance at succeeding because the current enforcement sure isn't working.

Finally, the fact that the US has made it so difficult to obtain residence legally only furthers the problem. They have set a quota on how many individuals from each country can be granted residency each year. The percentage of people seeking residency legally is not proportionate to the amount of people that are being accepted by means of the quota. The individuals that would otherwise seek legal residence feel forced to enter the country illegally because of how the system is set up, however most of these people do not commit the crimes. Those who would want to come here for criminal purposes only would still find a way through the border because of the inability of the government to enforce the law as evidence by how many individuals are arrested, deported and then return. The evidence that undocumented workers commit more crime than American citizens is purely anecdotal which is propagated by the hype of the media. There is no empirical evidence that more crime is committed by undocumented workers than by normal citizens.

So why are we allowing a select few to govern what is right and best for the masses when they truly don't have their best interest at heart? Those in power often times want to do what it takes to maintain that power (just take a look at the term limits on those in legislative positions, oh wait there aren't any and legislation to implement term limits continues to never come to a vote). You have to ask yourself who has the most to gain by implementing the legislation. In my opinion the government has the most to gain as the additional law means increased funding and money spent on the enforcement.

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