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A Way To Watermark Your Photos For Free

Have you ever heard a software that allows you to make your own banners, and watermark anything that you have the rights to and is yours. This means photos, images and videos.

This piece of free software works, in what is called, layers. When you want to add a caption or your name to the photo or image you add a layer.After you have saved your project, you have to name the layer after you have created it, then save it.

You have a toolbar on the left to work with. When you want to put a watermark on a photo, you would choose the text icon. You can also choose the color of text you want, the transparency leveland where you would like the watermark to be on the photo.

When you are done and everything is to your satisfaction, then, name the file and save it. Once you save it, you are still allowed to make some changes. When you click ok, a window will pop up and you will click flatten. This means, that the 2 layers you created when making your watermark will become one. I now pronounce you as one!!

There are a number of software programs that allow you to watermark an image or photo. Some paid and some free.

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