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Strange Bedpersons Review

Tess doesn't belong in Nick's world, according to his friends, but he keeps trying to drag her into it anyway.

Nick is trying to land a big client, and he needs a date to a weekend book signing in order to pull it off. He talks Tess and her friend into coming along. Here's a passage that pretty much sums up the entire premise of the book, from page 36:

"Let me get this straight," Tess said from her armchair when Nick finished explaining and the only evidence left of the pot stickers was an empty carton and a tangy memory. "You want me to pretend to be your fiance in order to deceive one of our greatest American authors so that you can take another step in your drive toward ultimate yuppiehood."

In addition to the obvious that it sums up the premise of the book this passage also tells me something else as a reader: Nick is extremely driven to be a successful lawyer, and Tess is bothered by that drive. The reader later finds out that Tess doesn't like it because she feels like Nick puts his career ahead of her, and that turns out to be one of the central issues in the story.

Strange Bedpersons is unique because Nick and Tess have dated before, and their relationship ended because Nick embarrassed Tess when he refused to be intimate with her in a parking lot. He was too uptight, she said, and she couldn't deal with it. Knowing that she believes he puts his career ahead of her, this is obviously a symptom of the problem rather than the cause, but I digress.

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Anyway, the book is unique because Nick and Tess already know they have strong feelings for one another, and they don't deny it to each other. From the very beginning, Tess knows how Nick feels and Nick knows how Tess feels. There is no back-and-forth tension of does she like me? Does she hate me? Do I like him? Etc. They like each other, and they both know it.

The challenge in being together is not in letting the other recognize feelings. It's in overcoming the known issues that already exist. Nick wants to change Tess so that she better fits into his world. Tess wants to know that Nick cares about her more than he care about his job, but it's difficult for him to do without the financial security that he seeks.

In between the very real-life, easy-to-relate-to problems, Crusie has provided some fun and witty banter between Tess and, basically, everyone. It's a fun and entertaining read that actually has more depth than I initially thought.

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Notes - Many thanks for the critique 🙂 I am the most horrible speller. - We appreciate your selflessly sharing your knowledge!

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