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One Major Blog Commenting Skill to Boost Your Own Commentary

In order to maximize the return value on your blog commenting, the major idea is to learn and experiment with this particular structure. The purpose is to help build up link juice back to your website and to help establish your presence in other domains. This particular structure does this, but it will require serious time and patience to do it right. Exploring other blogs will also give you a chance to see how a particular business is marketing to their consumers. You do not have to find blogs in your own industry, but try a mixture to get a feel of the situation. Also be bold and comment on some outside your field. The more you comment, the better your own commentary skills will improve.

Blog Commenting:Hit the Mark the First Time

The first time leaving a comment on a blog can take 20 minutes to do right. Blog commenting should allow you enjoy the ability to be creative and inspiring to both readers and to the author themselves. The purpose of blog commenting is to help the community surround the blog itself become better. It is ok to draw out a little self promotion in a response, but this usually goes in the closing of your comment. Hitting the mark the first time may be easier than explained here. The following screenshots are meant as a guide only, feel free to write more or less, a good comment is usually around 60 words and a mixture of praise and a suggestion to help fuel the improvement that the writer missed. Try to aim for around 30 words the first time, along with a greetings and no URL embeds. Once you get the feel for this method, then try something more challenging. Try 40 words of input, a greetings, a closing and offer a suggestion on the topic matter.

Bit of a sidetrack now... I'm planning to update the site. Contemplating colour pallette a lot and would like feedback. What do all of you think of Yes, no? Leave a comment. My apologies! I'm a scatterbrain, We'll get back on point here.

Blog Commenting: Review, Proofread and Fix Errors

One of the most irritating blunders a blog commenter can do is not proofread their comments before submitting. Blog commenting has an ugly reputation for the most part. There are more spam filtering software than comment approval systems on the market today. This last section will help social media managers and those who are too quick to hit the submit button. Slow down and edit your comment before submitting, it takes only two minutes to make sure your comment will get approved by the moderators. If your comment fails to pass inspection, the problem may result in the context of the message itself. Review your grammar, spelling, format and punctuation before finalizing the comment.

I'm going to mention that I actually got the thought for this post chatting with Jon over at Jon M Duncan Law Corporation. Many thanks for the idea. I suppose you stumble upon ideas in unexpected places.


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