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The Nintendo 3DS: Taking Gaming Further

E3 left an indelible impression on most attendees. Specifically, Nintendo's pre-E3 press conference and E3 showing showcased and debuted the coming successor to the Nintendo DS: the 3DS. This is no mere slight upgrade; the 3DS is to the DS as the GameBoy Advance was to the Gameboy.

The graphics are updated with advanced shaders, more polygons and vastly enhanced effects. That might seem like alot, but it doesn't stop there! Oh no, there's even 3 cameras on this baby, with the 2 front facing ones able to take both 3D pictures and 3D video. And this brings us to the obvious change and innovation: 3D gaming without the glasses. Yes, you read that right: 3D gaming without the glasses! But wait there's MORE!!

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Can't have a new handheld gaming system without the requisite games and demos, can you? Well the FIRST thing that was shown for the new hardware was a game hardcore gamers had been clamoring for for over a decade. When Nintendo of America VP Reggie Fils-Ames introduced Kid Icarus: Rising to a stunned audience that gave out the LOUDEST applause at a Nintendo press conference ever, it was clear that Nintendo had mastered the craft of the Pre-E3 conference. Then came the announcements by Nintendo LLC President Satoru Iwata, not only showing the actual Nintendo 3DS hardware, but also the list of 3rd party developers/publishers who we're behind the platform with games in development. Ridge Racer, Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Splinter Cell, and more we're announced and met with applause. This was a hardcore gamer's wet dream come true.

Below, you'll find the in-development game listing and hardware specs (what's known). Happy hunting! (Click the thumbnails to view the larger pics)

The 3DS in all it's glory. Notice the Cameras? Kid Icarus: RisingMetal Gear Solid: Snake Eater: "The Naked Sample"Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 3DDead or Alive 3DSamurai Warriors 3DKingdom Hearts 3DDJ HeroResident Evil: RevelationsSuper Street Fighter 4 The games listThe official specifications for the 3DS hardware.

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