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Teaching your English Bulldog Puppy to sit and stay

For practical purposes, training should be started as early as possible. Training your English bulldog puppy to sit and stay is one of the most important commands to teach your puppy. Read on to get pointers on how to do it with ease.

Who says training your English bulldog puppy is as difficult as it seems? Some may see English bulldogs as stubborn creatures that don't su

bmit easily to training. The key to train your English bulldogs successfully is to keep your sessions short, intense and fun to gain the best results.

A good rewards system can work wonders when training your English bulldog puppy . Experiment to find your puppys favorite reward be it food, toys or words of praise. Use gentle and positive ways to encourage him rather than punishment as it harms his confidence. Puppies, similar to humans, learn best when they feel good and receive something in return.

Sit and Stay command

The sit and stay command is one of the basic commands your English bulldog puppy should learn. Find a quiet area with no distractions. Put your English bulldog puppy on a leash at the start of the training. Make sure to have your puppy stay next to you in heel position. Let him settle into a relaxed sitting position, before commanding him to sit then say stay at the moment he sits. Say your command with a firm voice and avoid making it sound like a question. Place your flat open hand in front of the puppy, palm facing him but be careful not to touch his nose. This hand signal complements the stay command. Take a backward step and wait patiently for a minute or so. Start to increase your distance if and only if your puppy stays firmly for a minute or so. Avoid looking straight at his eyes as it may make him leave his spot. Always praise him by saying good boy and/or rewarding him.

Repetition is what you should do to make him understand. Don't be frustrated when he starts to get up and walk towards you. Say no every time your puppy won't sit or stay. Walk him to where he was sitting. Repeat your command sit and signal him to stay. Your puppy will likely get comfortable and lie down when he finally gets the sit and stay command. When he does lie down following sit-stay immediately say No, Sit-Stay. With No, it will tell him he made a mistake by lying down. Pull him straight up on his leash and seat him again then say the command again. When he fails to obey, be patient enough to repeat No, Sit, Stay command and put him back where he was sitting to let him grasp the meaning of these commands. Gradually extend the time he will stay on his spot. Let him stay for one minute the first time and one or more minutes on every time he stays without lying down. Add minutes randomly and check if he does sit and stay. By doing so, it will be unpredictable for him when he gets his rewards and obeys your command in the process.

Puppies at a young age can be taught to stay for shorter periods of time. When they obey and sit on command every time they are asked without any food as a reward, training can proceed to more advanced commands.

Good luck on training your English bulldog puppy. Don't forget to give him his deserved treat on a training well done!

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