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What I'm asking for on Father's Day

Okay, so I passed on Mothers Day and accepted the fact that being a single father doesn't qualify me to join Mothers Day promos.

I also said before that I really do not like Fathers Day. That still holds true at this point.

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So, why am I asking you to give to me this Fathers Day ?

Because this Fathers Day, I saw an opportunity to fulfill the childhood wish of my son to stay overnight in a hotel.


Let me put it this way, in a separate post, I said how it would make me happy to grant that simple request, that I even entered it in a make a wish contest last year. Unfortunately, it didn't win.

I can't afford it. Just in case you want to tell me that I should just pay for it instead.

And so there's this Fathers Day contest wherein the prize is an overnight accommodation in a hotel. PERFECT! Just the thing I needed to fulfill a wish.

I just need to upload a favorite father and son (or daughter) picture and whoever got the highest number of votes win! Easy.

But I do not like campaigning, begging, pleading, imposing and twisting arms just to get people to Like my photo, which is by the way how you can vote in the contest.

Then again, for my kids

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