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5 Top Tips To Make Your Brand Shine Out Amongst The Rest

Without a strong brand underpinned by relevant meanings, morals and ethics, you have very little to sell your product or service on. So here are our top 5 tips to help you make your brand shine:

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  1. Know your audience -set aside time to establish who your key audiences are and how they associate themselves with your brand. Consider what they are interested in, how they would like to engage with you, and develop a strong understanding of what they want from you. For some SME's this may even mean getting to know your audience face-to-face. In the eyes of the consumer, there is nothing worse than a brand that doesn't know them and thus know how to market to them.
  2. Actively seek their feedback - listen to what your consumers have to say, whether it is good feedback or bad. This information is gold dust to any size organization,and provides the fundamentals for improvement. Use every opportunity you can, within reason, to find out what your audiences have to say and respond accordingly. It may be daunting to hear negative feedback about your business, but it is essential for any level of growth or improvement.
  3. Be helpful - by this we mean if a customer comes to you for a product or service and it's not something you can help them with, don't just shoo them away, provide them with some assistance and point them in the right direction. The same goes for if they come to you for advice. Just because there is no exchange of money it does not mean you shouldn't help them within your remit,unless the service you provide is advice based of course. By being a helpful brand, you encourage word of mouth recommendations and your brand is perceived by the wider world as 'helpful', and everyone likes a helpful, accommodating brand don't they?
  4. Get creative - so,you have something to tell your consumers. Do you tell them in the some way as everyone else, or do you get creative? We say go for the latter - Why? Purely because it is more appealing to your audience and it makes what you have to say more interesting. Why place it in a corporate publication when you can literally shout it from the rooftops? It makes your brand stand out against your competition and gives your audience something to remember.
  5. Make it easy - think about what your audience wants to do on your website, what they want to find out about your or your product and make it easy for them to find the information they need. Make sure your business web page is easy to search for on Google and ensure it is easy to use. If you use social media, make sure it is up to date and you respond to anyone who gets in touch. We live in an age of instant information, and if a potential or even existing customer can't find what they need, there is a good chance they will get bored and look elsewhere.

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