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Keeping away burglars

Burglars won't wear burglar clothing. Most burglars don't actually wear all-back and a ski mask. Instead, they might wear the uniform of a delivery driver or a maintenance worker, which makes their getaway much easier. They may even use the costume as a ruse for forcing themselves inside your home.

A fake security camera is often enough to fool them. A criminal who is savvy enough to look for security devices will instantly spot the camera,which serves as a visual deterrent. Many homeowners mistakenly assume that they must install sophisticated security devices to ward away criminals, but this is not the case, as dummy surveillance cameras serve as a powerful way to stop home invasions.

They assume doors and windows are easy entry points. Far too many homeowners leave their doors and windows unlocked, or leave a spare key under a doormat and fail to use their home security system. These practices make it far too easy for criminals to enter the home. You can bet that any criminal will know how to check for easily entered doors and windows, and will search for spare keys in all of the usual hiding spaces.

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Burglars hate lights and attention. Security alarms on windows and doors work so well because burglars don't want the extra attention. No criminal wants to be caught in the act. Keep home invasions at bay by installing alarms and outdoor lighting; burglars are not comfortable working where they might be caught.

Burglars don't care who gets hurt in the process. Though most burglars try to time their entry when no one is home so that the police aren't called, they know they may occasionally run into people or pets. If they do confront an angry homeowner, they will fight back violently, and may be armed. If you are home when a criminal breaks in, you must be prepared with a stun gun, pepper spray canister, or other self defense device.

You won't shoot them. Yes, burglars know this. Even if the homeowner is armed, burglars know they probably don't even know how to shoot the gun, and are far too scared to pull the trigger. That's why it is so important to protect your family with a device you feel comfortable using.

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