Diabetes Meal Plan



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Diabetes Meal Plan – Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed.

Planning Diabetic Meals and paying close attention to our diet and what we consume plays a very important role in our health and well being.

Diabetes is on the increase in several countries of the world. India has seen an increasing trend and it appears this is not the only country to experience this disturbing situation.

However, diabetic sufferers need not lose hope as research and several studies have shown that diabetes is reversible. It calls for a change in eating habits and keeping to strict dietary guidelines as well as changing cooking habits and techniques.

A research study that was done by Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) shows that fat intake in our diet can be very detrimental to health and to diabetes in particular. There have been numerous such studies done that come to the same conclusion that diabetes can be reversed. Our eating habits can keep us well or make us sick! Having a Diabetes Meal Plan can help us greatly to enjoy a much better and healthier life.

Foods that are rich in fats, especially packaged and processed foods fall into the hazard category and includes fish, meat, dairy and poultry products. The preference is to replace such fatty foods with consuming more of whole plant based foods. It must be noted, that a rich vegetarian diet that comprises of beans, vegetables, whole grains and fruits can help  reverse the trend in the number of diabetics. Having said this, care should be taken to eat such items that contain low amount of sugar content and provide other health benefits and that are also rich in providing fiber.

Keeping the forgoing as a guiding principle can go a long way to keep diabetes at bay and to also help reverse the symptoms of diabetes.



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